My Inglot Palette

In the beauty word Inglot has been getting more attention recently and for a reason-it´s amazing! It comes from Poland and now has loads of stores around the world but not one in Estonia yet. Inglot has a freedom system, that is basically the same thing like MAC does, you can choose an empty palette and start filling it up with eyeshadows, blushes etc. I haven´t tried any of MAC eyeshadows but everyone knows they are amazing but quite pricey that is why I chose Inglot, the quality was supposed to be really good and it is about three/four times cheeper.
 It was in Poland the first time I accidentaly ran into a Inglot booth in the middle of some random mall. That time I only got myself a blush because I didn´t really know what eyeshadows to get. This summer my family went to Poland again and I went to their website and chose colours I wanted and gave my mom a list of the colours I wanted. I really needed basic matte neutrals for everyday use so the firs ones I chose were the first five colours from right. The two only colorful shadows I got yesterday from Riga and they are perfect for autumn and also a little challenging.
 About the quality-all the colours except for the light matte one are really creamy and pigmente and easy to work with. 
I still have three empty places to fill up and I´m really looking forward to it!

Left: nr419, mossy green with pearl finish.
Right: nr 450, dark granberry, bit burgundy with pearl finish.
Left: nr461, light brown/dark beige with small gold flecks.
Right: nr327, darker brown, matte finish.
Down: nr360, light ashy brown, matte finish.

Up: nr391, matte black.
Down: nr351, milky white, matte finish.

Left to right: 419, 450, 461, 327, 391, 360, 351


Beauty Wishlist

From left to right:
MAC 217 brush, Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
YSL Mascara  Babydoll, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer, MAC 239 brush
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit, Kat von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethoven, Clinique Chubby Stick



A quick outfit post for a start with some random blurry face, good job, mate!


Empties #1

Hello! It has been a long time and I'm not the person who is going to blog if I don't feel like it. But now I want to get back on track with everything and firstly I wanted to make a empties post. Couple of months ago I tought that I should start keeping the things I've used up because sometimes I forget what I thought of a product so here are my thoughts of the products Ive used up.

Firstly I have few hair care products. John Frieda sheer blonde colour renew tone correcting shampoo(not in the picture) and conditioner, I absolutely loved this combo, it made my hair so soft and smooth and kept my hair colour fresh. 
L'oreal Studio line invisi'fx micro-light spray, it was a normal hairspray, hold the hair and kept them smooth the same time.
Rich pure luxury rejuvenating argan oil elixir, this is my holy grail, it keeps the hair shiny, smooth and conditions them. I also had to wash my head a day later than normal which is amazing and I've kind of repurchased it, I now have the shine and frizz mist one which is basically the same thing but I liked this one better.

L'oreal Eye and lip makeup remover waterproof, it was ok for removing normal makeup but I'm not so sure it's going to remuve waterproof makeup because I still had to rub my eyes little to get all the mascara off, or maybe I have just weird lashes that won't let go of the mascara,  who knows.
 Garnier essentials sensitive 2in1 makeup remover, the same words for this one as the last one, did the job but nothing special. 
Clean Clear blackhead clearing oil free cleanser, I used this to remove my face makeup, the first step, it was quite strong, actually reduced my blackheads, removed almost all the makeup and didn't break me out which is quite a big deal because a lot of things break me out. I haven't repurchased any of the products just because I'm currently trying out new ones but they all did ok job.

More face products halleluja! L'oreal triple active vivifying scrub for all skin types, I really loved this scrub, it smelled good, cleaned my face, didn't break me out and also didn't make my face oily face dry, not sure how it would act on dry skin,  also I used it like 3 times a week not every day.
Puhas Loodus peppermint refreshing toner for normal and oily skin, it was very cooling and refreshing but I think it was too strong for a toner because it had alcohol in it but it also had salicylic acid to fight the blemishes so I'm not that sure what to make out of it.
Joik regenerating night cream with calendula and sea-buckthorn oils, I really liked that night cream, it made a difference on my skin-it was glowing and actually reduced blemishes which was great but when I bought the second one I discovered they had changed the formula and for the worse, it didn't smell that good and sadly started breaking me out, well there was a dissapointment.

Puhas Loodus moisturizing and nourishing mask with sea mud concentrate, soybean oil, panthenol and vitamin E, I love this mask, it deep clean the face an leaves it feeling smooth and soft.
Manhattan long lasting eyeshadow base, another holy grail, without it my eyeshadow smudges in an hour and this keeps everything in place until I remove it, it won't budge. 
Puhas Loodus eye cream with chamomile and rosehip extract, cucumber juice, panthenol and vitamin E, right now I really don't need a heavy 25€ eye cream but I need something light that will keep my eye area moisturized and makes me look awake and that's everything that cream does. 
I have already repurchased all three products because I just can't live without them right now, that's how simple it is.

Lastly we have some body products.
Aloe vera body butter, I found it from my moms things and I kept it, it had a very light smell, sinked into the skin quickly and kept the skin hydrated, I was actually quite sad when it ran out and I also don't know sadly where it is from.
Joik grapefruit and mandarin body lotion with carrot oil. It was a light loition with quite sweet and fruity smell that I liked, only downside was that I had to wait before putting on my clothes because it would have coloured my clothes orange otherwise. 
The Body Shop dewberry mure sauvage bath and shower gel, I love TBS shower gels, thats all, nothing more to say.

So that was my basket of carbage that I can now get rid of and start collecting for more. Everyone who stayed until the end deserves a medal!
Until the next time!


Makeup Haul

 I went to Slovakia couple of weeks ago and took advantage of the cheap makeup. I was so stoned at the stores because some of the products were half the price compared to the same ones in Estonia!!  Oh happy me!!

In Poland I accidentally discovere Inglot stand in a mall and went absolutely crazy. I was more shocked when I saw the prices, everything was so cheap. I know that in Finland a single square eyeshadow is around 6€ but in Poland it was 3€, round one was 2,5€. I bought a bright corally-pink blush, nr.47, price 5€. My mom got two lipsticks, nr. 813 and nr. 839, both looked quite glittery in the tube but when applied they had this gorgeous little bit shiny, satin finish, price 5€. We also got two round eyeshadows, bronzy-golden one and a royal blue, price 2,5€. Like everyone, I wanted to get the square eyeshadows with the magnetic lid freedom system but the magnets were quite hard(?) and I'm really clumsy plus the freedom system we got has a mirror.

 Rimmel Scandal Eyes in 003 Brown and 013 Purple, price 3,70€; Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in 05 Eternal Gold, price 5,49

 Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder in 010 Fairy Dust, price 4,69€; Astor Skinmatch 4ever Bronzer in 001 Blonde, price 8,29€;  Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set, price 2,69€

Maybelline ColorSensational in 422 Coral Tonic, price 6,49€; Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 12 and 02, price 4,59€ and 2,35€; Essence Eyeshadow Base, price 2,69€; Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 030 Classic Beige, price 5,39€; Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer in 010 Ivory


"Sweats, tv shows, snacks and loads of wine, I don't know about you, but I could live like this forever" a not so famous quote by me